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The "Biochip", The Mark Of The Beast (666)?

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The Mark of the Beast! 666

Is the technology for the Mark of the Beast being used today?

If you look at the biochip technology being used today and how small computer chips are being inserted under the skin of humans today... One can see how close we are to a possible Mark of the Beast... However, this technology is rapidly changing and who ever witnesses the Mark of the Beast during the tribulation period they would need to watch and see how it advances in the future and where the chip will be implanted under the skin.

One of the main determining factors will be where the mark is placed....If they determine that the fore head and the right hand are the best locations for a micro chip to be inserted I would have to say the micro chip is Mark of the Beast!

What ever is used by the anti christ in the forehead or the right hand during the tribulation period in order to buy or sell is his mark....

The biochip technology we see developing before our eyes today could be what the anti christ uses during the tribulation period. However, this technology is rapidly changing and it could be some thing totally different during the tribulation period.

Lets take a closer look at this biochip technology to get a better understanding how it works.

The biochip

The way I understand how the biochip implant system works is that it consists of two components; a transponder and a reader. The transponder is the actual biochip implant which is the micro computer chip that is inserted under the skin. The biochip system is a radio frequency identification and also known as the (RFID) system, which uses low-frequency radio signals to communicate between the biochip and reader. The reading range or activation range, between reader and biochip is small, normally between 2 and 12 inches

The biochip implant is a passive transponder which means it contains no battery or energy of it's own. In comparison, an active transponder would provide it’s own energy source, normally a small battery. Because the passive biochip contains no battery, or nothing to wear out, it has a very long life, up to 99 years, and no maintenance. Being passive, it's inactive until the reader activates it by sending it a low-power electrical charge. The reader "reads" or "scans" the implanted biochip and receives back data for identification purposes such as BUYING OR SELLING from the biochip. The communication between biochip and reader is via low-frequency radio waves.

The biochip-transponder consists of four parts; computer microchip, antenna coil, capacitor and the glass capsule.

This tiny glass capsule which is only twice the size of a grain of rice could easily be hidden under the skin in the hands or in the fore head. Photo: biochip compared to a grain of rice.

The biochip is inserted into the person with a hypodermic syringe. According to the manufacturer the injection is safe. Anesthesia is not required or recommended.

Humans have already been chipped and continue to be chip around the world.

According to VeriChip a leader in the biochip implant technology many people around the world have already been implanted with the VeriChip.

VeriChip is the only company in the world today to offer an implantable FDA-cleared RFID microchip and offers this option in its VeriMed and VeriGuard systems.

If you would like to learn more about biochip implants please visit

If you look at the biochip technology being used today it is a possible tool the anti christ could use to implant his mark into people around the world in order for them to be tracked and in order for them to be able to buy or sell.

With identity theft being a major concern around the world I can see this type of technology being use by the anti christ and accepted by the masses around the world.

So, my answer is absolutely the technology for the mark of the beast is here today and could be used by the anti christ.

"The Heart Has Eyes Which The Brain Knows Nothing Of."

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